helps people like you to overcome the suffering from this frustrating and debilitating injury.The information readily available on IT Band Syndrome can be confusing, contradicting, and even incorrect. Our community-focused site provides a broad collection of unbiased information.

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About the author
My name is John P. Peck and I’m a passionate long-distance runner. Training for the Philadelphia Marathon, I first encountered my own IT Band Syndrome. I have a PhD in chemical physics from London Polytechnic however I am not a medical doctor. Do not take any of the information here as medical advice. Always consult a medical professional before making changes.

Why did I create this website?
As a researcher, I naturally began investigating books, articles and scientific papers on IT Band Syndrome. Frustrated by the inaccurate and conflicting information, I collected overtime an extensive database on the underlying causes of IT Band Syndrome. After cataloguing its various effective treatments, I’d like to share my knowledge with you in overcoming this runner’s condition.

Why is this site different?
The site’s purpose is simply to collaborate and share information on IT Band Syndrome. Presented in a clear and simple manner, this site organizes links to insightful videos, articles, scientific papers, and shared personal experiences. I am excited to share with you the current knowledge as well as my personal experiences in overcoming IT Band Syndrome!


How did I overcome IT Band Syndrome?
Treating myself with a host of different prescriptions detailed here with varying results, I have learned adjusting my stride was essential in eliminating the syndrome. Running in my normal stride allows me only five miles without the sharp, stabbing knee pain. After making adjustments, I can painlessly run longs distance, including marathons. My tailored stride is so effective, I was able to compete 19 marathons in a year, IT Band Syndrome-free!

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