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Shoes: Here is how they may contribute


Shoes are a runners only real piece of athletic equipment so we tend to focus on them. There is much debate about whether running shoes have a significant effect on causing or curing running injuries like IT Band Syndrome. There is general agreement that excessively worn shoes can cause the foot to land unnaturally. New shoes that are not worn in or new shoes that are significantly different from what one is used to may also cause strain and injury. Experts recommend experimenting with shoes and listening to what the body's feedback. Take it very slowly so that your body has time to adjust and adapt. That means first walking in the shoes for short periods, then running briefly, and slowly increasing use. Changing shoes just before a long race such as a marathon may risk injury. Consulting an experienced sales associate at a running store is probably worth your time and money.

In his article titled, "Is It Really The Shoes?", Matt Fitzgerald argues that shoes are not mainly to blame for running injuries and that other factors contribute much more significantly. Click here to see the article.

In his article, "Why Aren't Shoes Preventing Running Injuries?", Ian McMahan helps understand why modern shoe technology has not reduced injury rates. Click here to see the article.



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